What is Mountain View Hacks?
MVHacks is a high school hackathon hosted at 42 USA and organized by Mountain View High School students. Both first time and more experienced programmers will be gathered together to turn their dreams into realities.

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What is a hackathon?
A hackathon is a competetive and education event in which students come together to develop an idea for a project into a real product. MV-Hacks will provide hackers with educational resources, including seminars and mentors, and an environment that will enable their success.
How much does it cost?
It is completely free! All food, swag, and prizes are provided at no charge.
Do I need programming experience?
No — this is a fantastic learning opportunities! Hackers can expect to be able to attend educational workshops run by industry professionals in addition to experienced adult mentors to help them learn and succeed.
Who can attend?
All high school students are eligible to attend MV-Hacks as hackers. Interested in attending but not a high school student? Consider signing up to be a mentor.
What do I need?
All you need is a form of ID — school ID's are appropriate — and a desire to hack. Hackers interested in resting may be interested in bringing a sleeping bag or blanket. 42 USA will provide late 2015 5K iMacs equipped with standard development tools, including XCode, Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, and more, so laptops are not required.
Do I need a team?
Teams of 2-4 are allowed, and you may work as an individual if you'd like, though we highly recommend collaborating. If you come without a team, you will be able meet others and form one at the start of the hackathon.
What are the rules?
Be nice, respectful, and have fun! Hackers are expected to behave appropriately and safely at all times, according to the Hacker Fund Code of Conduct.
I have other questions!
Contact us through our Facebook, Twitter, or email (contact@mv-hacks.com).
The Team
Paran Sonthalia
David Sillman
Marc Bacvanski
Ben Hoberman
Daniel Ciao
Adrian Afif
Interested in sponsoring?
Email us at contact@mv-hacks.com!